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Philosophy of Care

Every person has the right to age with dignity and should have genuine opportunities to make being aged a meaningful part of life.

Individuals, regardless of age, should have opportunities to grow.

Elderly people should, as far as realistically possible, have real choice in deciding the environment in which they prefer to spend their latter years.

Recognising that risk taking is part of everyday life, elderly people should be encouraged to live as independently as their capacity permits and, whenever necessary, supportive care should be unobtrusively available to make this possible.

Frail, chronically ill or disabled persons have the right to rehabilitation in order to experience optimum quality of life, recognising the individuality of the person, their physical, spiritual, emotional and social needs and their right to ultimately die with dignity and in peace.

Admission to our village is based upon individual assessed needs, with a priority given to the elderly of non-English speaking background.