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Quality of Care Objectives

Multicultural Aged Care Illawarra is committed to providing quality care services to all residents under their care by the continuous evaluation and review of all facets of operation within the business.

Our business objective is to apply ethical principles and comply with all government regulations including the Aged Care Act, 1997 and the Australian Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission of Care Principles.

Multicultural Aged Care Illawarra ensures that appropriate systems and processes are designed, developed, implemented and reviewed to meet resident clinical, lifestyle and spiritual needs ensuring the provision of ongoing, focused and individual care for older people.

We are committed to:

  1. Providing care services that recognises the rights dignity, values, and beliefs of residents and their families.
  2. Providing systems which are in place to ensure continual monitoring and review of care and service delivery.
  3. Ensure the right to privacy and confidentiality for residents, clients, and their families through the proper and secure collection, use, storage and disposal of personal and sensitive information.
  4. Continually review and address feedback as part of our Continuous Quality Improvement Plan, and that all identified problems are addressed to the satisfaction of staff, residents and their relatives.
  5. Provide ongoing training and support to staff and consultation with residents and relatives to achieve our goals.
  6. Ensure involvement and commitment of all employees in a ‘team approach’ to quality care.
  7. Comply with the intent and spirit of the law.
  8. Promoting a positive image of aged care within the community.