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August Newsletter 2019

Wasn’t the MACI winter ball absolutely wonderful and enjoyable? On 25 July, 45 MACI residents had loads of fun, singing, savoring delicious food and dancing the night away. Thanks to Robyn, our awesome RAO’s and catering staff, a great time was had by...

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June 2019 Newsletter

Winter is already upon us. As we brace ourselves from the gusty winds that we’ve experienced over the past few weeks lets be thankful for the warmth we get from frequent bursts of sunshine in our part of the world. 

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April Newsletter 2019

March 21 was World Poetry Day and I recognise that poetry reaffirms our common humanity by revealing to us that individuals everywhere in the world share the same questions and feelings. Poetry has been the mainstay of oral tradition over centuries and...

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December Newsletter 2018

There are plenty of things happening at the Village as we start getting ready for Christmas which is less than a month away. The building works in the Italo wing have all been completed and we have welcomed six new residents to this new memory support...

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August Newsletter 2018

I bet everyone is waiting for a change to the dry, windy weather we have been having here over the past few weeks. Spare a thought for the farmers who are battling the unprecedented drought and for others who have been affected by raging bushfires...

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