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Frequently Asked Questions

Once I’ve move into an aged care home, will the accommodation costs change?

The accommodation price that you agree to before moving into an aged care facility will remain the same provided you remain in the same room. However if you decide to move into a higher priced room, you will be charged the difference. If you decide to move to a lower priced room, you will be refunded the difference.

Once you move into our aged care homes, you have up to 28 days to decide which payment option you wish to make. If you choose to pay a refundable accommodation deposit, you have up to six months after you move in to make that payment.

If you wish to make a combined refundable deposit and daily payment, you have the option of deducting the daily payment from the deposit. When you make this choice, the overall amount of your accommodation payment will not change but the amount of your daily payment will increase as your refundable deposit reduces.

How does the means tested care fee work?

If your income is higher than the basic full pension rate and/or combined assets are above a set threshold, you will be asked to contribute to the cost of your care. Means tested fees are set by the Department of Human Services and will depend on the financial status of the resident

How does this fee relate to my accommodation payments?

The way you choose to pay for your accommodation will impact how you contribute to the cost of your care. For example:

  • If you wish, you can deduct your Means Tested Care Fee from a refundable accommodation deposit
  • If you decide to pay a refundable deposit, this amount will be included in the assessment of your assets, which is used to determine your means tested care fee.
Is there help for people who are financially disadvantaged?

Yes, no matter what your financial circumstances are, Multicultural Aged Care Illawarra has a place for anyone requiring care, and if you are unable to contribute towards your accommodation costs, the Government will pay an accommodation supplement on your behalf.

How do I know if I am eligible for the government’s accommodation supplement?

Eligibility is determined by Department of Human Services or Department of Veterans Affairs based on the income and assets assessment. This assessment is required to be completed prior to entry.

What happens to my refundable deposit if I move out of an aged care home?

If you have paid a refundable accommodation deposit on entering an aged care facility, it will be returned to you when you leave the facility. If you have deducted daily accommodation payments or other payments, such as the means-tested care fee, the balance of your refundable deposit will be returned to you.

A designated Resident Admissions Officer is also available to provide assistance and answer any questions that you may have during business hours and can be contacted on 02 4276 3212